Thursday, October 1, 2009


A recent market research revealed that every third internet user tries or tried to make money online. 97% failed miserably and actually LOST money. Why? Because they either got scammed or joined one of the various MLM companies promising to make them rich. They spent money advertising and as most people have no idea how to advertise online, they never got a downline and had to quit.

So if you actually want to make money online, you need a way that does not require any marketing knowledge. A great way for everyone is taking online surveys and getting paid for it.

There are many, many survey sites online that promise to make you rich. But again... 98% are SCAM. They charge a onetime membership fee promising you that they will send several surveys averaging $5 -$75 but in reality it may take many months before you can even earn $20. If at all....

However there is one online survey site that actually is no scam. It has been online since 2003 and has 10000s of members: Survey Scout. Survey Scout has been consistently ranked from 1 - 3 on the internet's most credible review sites.

In case you have no idea why companies should pay you for taking surveys, I should give you some background info: Most big companies have huge market research budget which often goes waste on telemarketers who end up annoying unsuspecting customers. So these companies decided to use the marketing budget smartly by paying the survey taker directly instead of paying for a data collector.

Especially if you have been scammed before you might be very skeptical. May be you searched the internet and came across several websites stating that Surveyscout is a scam. I did some research and found out that ALL of these statements have been made by competitors to harm the reputation of Surveyscout. If you have a second look you will notice that ALL of these websites point to other get paid to take survey sites. I also urge you to think once again: would Surveyscout have been in business for over 5 years if they were are scam? NO! In addition they use Clickbank as their payment processor which only works with ethical businesses. Another thing you should keep in mind: Surveyscout offer 8 weeks money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied all you need to do is send one e-mail and your membership fee will be refunded.

SurveyScout gives you access to their permanently updated database now touching more than 250 top market research companies. They do not only offer access to some of the best market companies but also categorize them by the types of compensation or rewards offered. you will also find out if a particular company only accepts Us members or is international, BEFORE joining the particular company.

In addition SurveyScout offers various other options to make money online. Taking online surveys is just one of the many sections. Other options are focus groups, mystery shopper jobs, phone surveys and opportunity to sample new products.

Friday, September 25, 2009


BidVertiser allows web publishers to place text ads on their website, letting online advertisers bid against each other on the advertising space. The BidVertiser system will always display the highest bidders, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time, while paying the web publisher on a pay per click basis. BidVertiser is also a pay per click advertising network for Advertisers, where online advertisers can advertise on sites of their choice and pay only when a customer clicks-through to their site.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Discussing the term ‘marketing’ is now no longer a traditional trading activities done in manual ways. People now recognize the phrase online marketing, and the Clickbooth has breakthrough the world in it’s own different way.

So what is it so different about Clickbooth ? Well, the point is that Clickbooth growns it self in affiliation-based network, thus called the Clickbooth affiliate network. It refers to the sharing revenue between advertisers and publishers. The compensation here is based on performance from sales, clicks, registrations or a combination of such.

We probably will doubt the business process of Clickbooth affiliate network, but the Clickbooth has managed the CPA as the most logical choice yet having the minimal risks, where an advertiser not paying for any marketing unless an acquisition is received. As for the publisher, they can use Clickbooth Publisher Referral campaigns and receive 2% gross referral credit for life plus an additional 10$ bonus for every affiliate referred.

The Clickbooth has committed it self to bring online marketing to the next level, thus Clickbooth has been working with the industry’s top networks, with both full-service performance networks and traditional banner networks. In order to support it, Clickbooth affiliate network has over 20.000 active affiliates including the top affiliates in each traffic channel. For more service satisfaction, a team of passionate and dedicated online marketing experts provide assistance concerning to this Clickbooth affiliate network, all day, every day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


LinkShare Corporation is the leading provider of technology solutions to track, manage, and analyze the performance of sales, marketing, and business development initiatives. Combining patented technology, the reach and distribution of a robust network, and expert account management services, LinkShare empowers clients with the ability to collaborate with partners online and develop cost-efficient pay-for-performance campaigns. LinkShare facilitates these partnerships across multiple channels, providing the platform, tools, and reporting to help clients acquire new customers, increase revenues, drive results, and measure success. LinkShare clients are Fortune 500 and prominent companies doing business online, and include Apple, J.C. Penney,, American Express, Avon Products and Dell Computer Corporation. LinkShare was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in London, Boston, Tampa, and Chicago.

LinkShare Corporation is the wholly owned U.S. division of Rakuten, Inc.,the number one portal in Japan for shopping, on-line finance and travel, and the seventh largest Internet company in the world. Rakuten is a public company (JASDAQ: 4755).

Been named the number one fastest growing technology company in the NY area 2 years in a row in the Deloitte and Touche Fast 50 program.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Kontera is a pay per click advertising company that uses Contextual advertising. This method creates a much different look than other pay per click advertisers like AdWords, but the method of making money through this pay per click program is the same.

What is Contextual Advertising?
Contextual advertising is a way to incorporate pay per click advertising into the text of any given website or Web page. Anyone with a blog or website who signs up with Kontera places a code on the page, much like using Google advertising. The ads are then placed automatically by Kontera without any more effort on the part of the blogger or webmaster.

Like Google Advertising, Kontera pay per click advertising is placed based on the keywords on the page. Unlike Google advertising, Kontera doesn't place ads in one area on the page. Instead, it links the ads directly to the keywords. The keywords that have pay per click ads attached are noticeable by blue highlighting and underlining of the word.

Pay Per Click Advertising
The key to making money through pay per click advertising is having keywords that will translate into interest from readers. Since the webmaster or blogger is not in control of which words are chosen by Kontera for pay per click advertising, the best strategy is to simply use a variety of keywords that relate to the topic of the page or site. This attracts more ads that will be of interest to readers who have come to the page to read about the topic.

The blue highlighting on the keywords may interest readers to find out more about that keyword. When an interested reader passes his cursor over the blue highlighted word, the ad pops up. And, if the reader is interested in the ad and clicks on it, the Kontera account holder makes money.

The Benefits of Kontera
Anyone who places Kontera pay per click advertising on their site will have another stream of income from their page. Kontera can be used on the same page as Google Advertising and other ads, and it doesn't take up any extra space on the page the way most ads do.

Blogger makes it easy to use Kontera on its blogs, with a Kontera widget that requires only a few clicks to implement the ads on a blog. HubPages also uses Kontera on its pages. HubPages writers add their Kontera publisher number to their HubPages account and can then choose which hubs include the pay per clicks ads.

To use Kontera on these sites requires that the writer sign up for a Kontera account and be assigned a publisher number. Some publishers, such as HubPages, take a percentage of the Kontera revenue.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


AdBrite, dubbed “the Internet’s ad marketplace,” has allowed advertisers to target keywords and choose specific sites to advertise on since inception. The network changed from a simple marketplace to a much more powerful one when AdBrite 2.0 was launched in November of 2006.

This latest version of the site gives advertisers a number of ways to setup a highly targeted ad campaign. Adbrite determines demographic data for visitors to network publishers via a cookie and reverse IP lookup. They grab U.S. census data based on the zip code of the visitor, which gives them data on ethnicity and income level. Adbrite also looks at Comscore data for each site that user visits, which gives them reasonably good age and gender data. Once a user visits enough sites, Adbrite has a very good idea of the age, gender, ethnicity and income level of that particular user. Advertisers can then choose to target their ads to certain users.

In addition to text and banner ads Adbrite offers a few other interesting ad formats. Interstitial ads are full page ads that take over an entire page when a visitor first comes to a website. Another ad format is the Inline ad, which pops up over page content when a highlighted keyword is rolled over.

InVideo is AdBrite’s intriguing video ad format. This embeddable video player (similar to YouTube), allows video publishers to insert their logo (as a watermark) and AdBrite ads into any video. Anyone who takes the content and embeds it on their own site will show the same video, with the same ads and watermark. All click backs on the video go to the original site.

Lastly, in March of 2007 AdBrite launched BritePic. They describe BritePic as “the IMG tag on steroids.” By changing the embed code, web publishers can add a caption, watermark, zoom, share, resize and an advertisement, if they choose to.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Casale Media

Casale Media is an online advertising network specializing in serving banner ads across their network of over 4,000 websites. Their software will handle ad delivery, targeting, campaign management, and “Second-by-Second Reporting and Optimization” for their clients.

Casale Media aims to make sure their clients’ online marketing and advertising goals are met. Clients can target their campaigns to viewers in many combinations of over two hundred nations all over the world, select states, provinces, regions and cities and even their zip, postal and area codes in the U.S. and Canada. Campaigns can also be targeted by channel, time of day and day of week, language, bandwidth, OS, web browser, frequency, creative performance, and retargeting.

Casale Media offers advertisers maximum quality control over campaigns through the option of excluding non-complimentary sites from campaigns and standard above the fold and early impression placements.

Friday, August 28, 2009


ReviewMe is a PayPerPost-like service that pays bloggers to write about advertisers’ products. The company is backed by TechCrunch-sponsor Text-Link-Ads, which was recently acquired.

ReviewMe has a somewhat different model that PayPerPost. Where advertisers on PayPerPost set a single fee that is paid to all bloggers regardless of their size, ReviewMe uses an algorithm based on Alexa, Technorati and other statistics to determine the importance of a blog and charges a different fee for each blog based on the calculation. Blogger payments range from $30 - $1,000 per post.

Also, Bloggers must disclose that the review is a paid advertisement. They can do this in anyway they choose, i.e. “The following is a paid review:” “Paid Advertisement:” etc. This is another improvement over PayPerPost, which is heavily criticized because it does not require disclosure.

Finally, advertisers can purchase posts, but they cannot require that a post is positive. The blogger can choose to write their honest opinion without fear of not being paid. The only requirement is that the review must be a minimum of 200 words.

A company spokesperson said “We are planning on burying PayPerPost.” While we do not endorse this business model, we do note that ReviewMe has removed the most egregious aspects of the PayPerPost business model: no disclosure requirement, and a requirement to write a positive post.

ReviewMe is eating their own dog food by giving away $25,000 today to pay bloggers to write about the service.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


YouSayToo is an ad revenue sharing website designed for bloggers. YouSayToo is designed for bloggers because after setting up a profile, bloggers can post all their blogs on YouSayToo in an attempt to increase their readership. YouSayToo allows bloggers to put all of their blogs and content in a single location. In order to add a blog on YouSayToo, bloggers must provide their RSS feed URL which allows YouSayToo to display a blog’s most recently updated content. YouSayToo is essentially a no-risk way to increase a blogger's readership. YouSayToo does require bloggers to provide a dofollow link to YouSayToo on each blog added on the website. At the same time YouSayToo will provide a backlink to the blogger's blogs so the links are mutually exchanged. YouSayToo is extremely useful for people blogging for money in that YouSayToo gives half of the ad revenue generated to the blogger’s YouSayToo page. YouSayToo uses Amazon and Google Adsense ads which are the most trusted advertising services. By the same token it is hard to believe the success of actually receiving money from YouSayToo.

If you are interested in how to make money blogging, you say to seems like a very feasible option. I am not exactly sure how YouSayToo is able to transfer ad revenue generated from the site to its users considering the minimum cashout for services such as AdSense are very high (at $100USD). YouSayToo has some serious potential for the future in that like I said it does not take much work on the part of the blogger to use YouSayTo. As of now, YouSayToo is relatively new and for a blogging community is still not generating very much traffic. In fact, despite the many users who have become a part of YouSayTo, the website has a google pagerank of 4 which is good, but still weak for a community blog…particularly one that is purported to be a money-making strategy. While I have made money blogging, money is not my purpose for blogging. Sure I would love to make money blogging, but writing is more of my passion. In other words I write because it is a hobby, not because it is a job. Of course if it was true that YouSayToo paid its members a massive amount of revenue, what blogger would possibly refuse? However, it does not yet seem that way and the features on YouSayToo are still limited. There are a few cool things such as sending buzz to the YouSayToo community and increasing readership through visitors of YouSayToo; however, like I mentioned before, YouSayToo still does not have a very big community yet.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Neobux, like all PTC (Paid To Click) sites gives you one cent for you to look at the ad. But since some people don’t actually look at the ad and just stop it from loading when the see the timer at thirty seconds Neobux outsmarts them and creates a box that doesn’t show the time and only starts when the ad loads. So you are forced to see the ad.

But it’s a pretty good PTC site because the the ad count is never below five ads so that’s five ads a day so it’s five cents a day. Also the cash out is only two dollars so two dollars divided by around five cents a day equals forty days.

The bright side is the pay out is instant so you get the money now instead of two months or four months or even a year like those other PTC sites. So over all NeoBux is a very sufficient and up to date PTC site.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Axill is an Internet media company that aims to innovate in web advertising space. Therefore, they provide advanced and targeted solutions for all advertisers and publishers.

In this website, you can learn about the possibilities this company offers to their customers, who their clients are, and how they aim to increase their revenues and save their money. Moreover, they offer access to profiles, performance metrics and demographic statistics.

In this way, they strengthen the partnership between advertisers and publishers. So, if you want to increase your revenues and your web presence, just visit this site.


Oxado is another PPC program like Google Adsense & Bidvertiser. Oxado offers textual and images ads based on the content on your website. They promise to be paying the highest CTR among all PPC programs available today in the market. Oxado was started in 2005 by Jacques Caron and Laurent Poupet.

To start making money from Oxado, one need to create an account on Oxado and submit their blog/site here and the rest of things are handled by Oxado team. Publishers will not find problems in getting relevant ads for their website as they have more than 60,000 advertisers in their network.

Oxado has big collections of ad formats that publishers can use on their blog/websites. Some of widely used ad formats are 468 x 60, 300 x 250, 250 x 250, 336 x 280, 180 x 600, 160 x600, 120 x 600. With this, they have some really big ad formats 180 x 1200, 160 x 1200, 180 x 1800, 160 x 1800, 180 x 2400, 160 x 2400 that publishers can use on their websites to earn more money with Oxado.

They are offering the animated advertisements and thus will attract more visitors and clicks to your websites.

Payment System

Oxado is based in France and they send the payments in Euro. Payments to the publishers are sent via Check, paypal and They send the payments for the past month within next 30 days to its publishers. Their minimum payout is 100 Euros.